CLEAN International has partnered with Direct Relief to provide 150,000 purification tablets to Madagascar. This tropical island is home to about 27 million people and is the fourth biggest island in the world. It is known for its tropical forests, high biodiversity, lemur populations, and beautiful beaches. While this tropical island is paradise to many, humans are currently struggling to survive with limited freshwater resources on the island. 

CleanInternational and Direct Relief

Although Madagascar is surrounded by water, there is a limited amount of clean freshwater to sustain the island’s population. Droughts, cyclones, and tropical storms exponentially increase this struggle by destroying infrastructure and waste facilities – further contaminating water resources. According to WaterAidUK “13 million people don’t have clean water” and “more than 6,500 children die a year” from drinking unclean water. Even when children get sick, many families don’t have the funds to visit a doctor since Madagascar is also one of the poorest countries in the world. 

In order to provide health and the promise of a future, CLEAN International has partnered with Direct Relief to ship water purification tablets around the world. These “Aquatabs” made by Global Hydration kill microorganisms in the water and prevent diseases such as cholera, typhoid, and dysentry.  The use of these tabs in previously unclean water will allow people in Madagascar to drink water without risking their health or livelihood. 

Through our work with places such as Madagascar, we learn that you should “never read a book by its cover”. Despite the abundant biodiversity and tropical environment, populations in Madagascar are struggling to obtain clean water. As climate change continues to impact areas around the world, water scarcity will become more common and more severe in some places. No one area is safe from experiencing water scarcity, which is why we need to work on protecting these resources now! If everyone comes together to conserve water and provide water to those without it, we can beat water scarcity one place at a time. Learn how you can make an impact with CLEAN at Together, we can do anything!