Help Celebrate World Water Day this March

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Join CLEAN International's Worldwide Walk for Water Did you know that 1 in 9 people do not have access to clean water? Drinking contaminated water has short and long term health impacts that can be fatal. Today alone, over 2,000 people will die today from unclean water and almost half of these are children. Lack of access to clean water leads to the worldwide walk for water where women and children spend their days walking to obtain water. The average daily distance that people walk for water is 4 miles, but the search for water can take up to 12 hours every day. The water obtained through these methods can be highly contaminated and unsafe to drink. CLEAN International’s Worldwide [...]

Intel Leads the Way on World Water Day

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World Water Day, celebrated each year on March 22, is an amazing opportunity to take action to help protect and restore water worldwide. Started in 1993 by the United Nations, World Water Day serves as a catalyst for projects and campaigns dedicated to celebrating and protecting this invaluable resource. For Intel Corporation, a leader in water restoration worldwide, the day is an important one as they lead others throughout the year in the sustainable protection of water. With a goal to restore 100% of water use by 2025, Intel Corporation manages multiple water restoration projects around the world. In India, Intel is currently rejuvenating Lake Nanjapura, located on the south side of Bengaluru.  When finished, the project will restore over [...]

Intel Launches Restoration of Lake Nanjapura, Bengaluru India

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Nestled in southern Bengaluru sits Lake Nanjapura, a serene location that once boasted a vibrant lake. Today, Lake Nanjapura sits practically dry and is one of many regional lakes in desperate need of restoration.  Intel Corporation, a global force in sustainable water management, is taking action. On February 11, 2020, Intel Corporation, in partnership with CLEAN International and Bengaluru-based Say Trees, launched the restoration of Lake Nanjapura. The complete restoration project, taking place over the next 6 months, will include desilting, erosion control, and the planting of over 6,000 trees, including an adjacent Miyawaki Forest. In the end, annual monsoon rains, combined with a rejuvenated lake and new forest, will restore millions of gallons of water back to the environment. [...]

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