CLEAN Team Guatemala

CLEAN is proud to help facilitate water filter distribution to those in need in Guatemala.  In Guatemala, 90%* of the water is not potable.  The number one diagnosis in clinics is most often related to a waterborne illness.   Those with little income are not left with many options.

Enter Ecofiltro, Ajkun Pa Le Qatinimit Clinic (APQ) and CLEAN International!

In October 2015, CLEAN organized a meeting with the CEOs of both Ecofiltro and APQ Clinic.  Together we mapped out a plan forward to reach even more families with clean water.

Ecofiltro, based in Guatemala, has devised a water filter that utilizes natural materials to produce purified water.  Ecofiltro’s goal is to reach 1 million rural families with clean water by 2020.  They work primarily through public schools and other organizations to identify and help families.

After meeting, Ecofiltro agreed to also distribute filters through APQ Clinic. Founded in 2015, APQ is a non-profit faith-based health center located in the small rural town of Santo Tomas la Union, Suchitepequez, Guatemala.  APQ seeks to provide a preferential option in healthcare to the largely impoverished, majority indigenous, population of Santo Tomas and its neighboring communities. Due to a high percentage of patients with waterborne illness, the clinic staff has been eager to take preventive measures through clean water options.

APQ is now a distribution center for Ecofiltro water filters.  Families and patients who are sick due to unclean water have the option to co-purchase a water filter for their homes.  Families can pay a portion of the costs and CLEAN International, through your support, is providing funds ($25 US/filter) for the remaining cost of the filters.

Ecofiltro and APQ are both doing great work in Guatemala and CLEAN is proud to support and help grow their efforts.

Would you be able to purchase a water filter for one or more families?  If so, please contact us today.  Your support will truly making a difference in the daily life of a family in Guatemala. Thank you!