CLEAN Team Honduras

In Honduras, CLEAN International is pleased to partner with Cornell University and a local Honduran organization, Agua Para el Pueblo, to equip rural communities with access to clean water and sanitation.

In 2017, we are working to install systems from nearby water sources to bring clean water directly into rural homes, as well as latrines and hygiene stations throughout communities.

Currently, families are using containers, including 2 liter soda bottles, empty containers, and buckets to walk to rivers and ponds for water.  Unfortunately, this water itself is unclean and many suffer from waterborne illness throughout the year.

Beyond clean water, CLEAN International educates communities on sanitation and hygiene, both of which are critical components to a healthy community.  Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) education is provided before, during, and after all projects.

Because water use has a natural environmental impact, CLEAN educates communities and facilities environmental solutions to water use including: education and methods to minimize water use, implementation of water collection methods, alternatives to cutting and burning wood to boil water, and more.

We are so excited to change the daily lives and futures of every individual in the communities we serve. Through clean water and access to sanitation, residents are able to put down their buckets and lead healthier, more productive lives.  Economic and education outcomes are increased and individuals, for generations to come, can work to their full potential with dignity and good health.