Drink water, walk, organize, create, sing, clean and write your way to a better world for you, your group, and the planet.

Your participation will help us provide families in need with clean water and sanitation.

Time to sit up for water! Can you do 31 sit ups every day this month? By the end of January you will have done 961 sit ups for clean water!

Congratulations to our February Poetry Challenge winners:

A poem about water by: Carlisle (Antigua, Guatemala)

“Water is Life”
Carlisle (Antigua, Guatemala)

This is our Earth
What are we doing?
Trash in the water
So much pollution
Waters that were as clear as can be
Now black as the night
And dead like debris
Sea levels rising
And icebergs are melting
Coral reefs are dying
And no one is helping
Don’t you realize they keep the ocean alive?
And this started back in 1985
Nets, snares, hooks and straws
Trapping the turtles
And killing them all
Plastic is growing
Oil is spilling
Factories smoking
And sewage is filling
Dead animals are everywhere,
Habitat loss
And smoke in the air
No clean water
No more fish
And if you’re hearing this in 2046
I don’t even think we will exist
I’m really sorry.
This is it.

“upstate new york”
by Alyssa (Kansas, USA)

eleven fingers brushed through
hills and valleys of northern soil
millennia ago. cold as ice,
they left impressions in their absence,
some deeper and longer than others …
these wounds forever changed the land.

the heavens cried for the earth,
and her tears began to heal her,
filling deep scars with fresh, blue flesh
from which new life grew:

Flora and fish thrived,
fauna flocked to its tributaries,
and eventually civilizations,
nestled around these handprints,
drawn to nature’s gift.

Write a poem (any length!) with water as the theme! Share your publications with us to be one of two winners this month!

World Water Day is March 22 and we challenge you to walk 4 miles (6k) the average distance people walk for their water.

Walk (or run, row, swim, skate, bike, etc.) every day, each week or just once this month and help end the walk for water worldwide.

More resources at Worldwidewalkforwater.com

April showers….are shorter this month! We challenge you to find ways to save water this month, including 4 minute (or less) showers! Join in to help combat water scarcity worldwide.

Time to plant! Plants and trees help the Earth in so many ways. Start seeds for a garden, plant a tree (or more!) and share your photos and gardens with us!

World Environment Day is June 5! Celebrate by picking up at least 30 pieces of trash this month! Trash finds its way to our waterways worldwide and we can all make a collective difference.

Stay hydrated and take the challenge to drink 8 glasses of water each day in July! Raise awareness and funds for the need for access to clean water for nearly 1 billion people.

Take a photo with water as the theme and provide a title or caption for your photo! Share your photo with us to be one of two winners this month!

Choose 4 things to clean this month! A closet, a room, a drawer, the floor and more! Share your photos with CLEAN and help provide CLEAN water worldwide!

Washing hands saves lives! Write a 20 second handwashing song in honor of World Handwashing Day on October 15! Record and share your song with us!

November 19 is World Toilet Day and about ⅓ of the world does not have access to a toilet. Decorate your toilet this month and raise awareness and funds for new toilets worldwide. Share your photos with us!

Make the year ahead one to remember! This month set 31 goals for the new year! Write them down and share your lists with us!

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