Located in Bengaluru, India, Lake Nanjapura and Lake Dyavasandra received much needed help in 2020 and 2021 as the lakes were full of silt and unable to collect regional rainwaters. Enter Intel. With a global goal to restore 100% of global water use back to the Earth, Intel partnered with CLEAN International and SayTrees to completely rejuvenate both lakes. 

The work started in 2020 with Lake Nanjapura, a 16 acre lake, able to restore 50 million gallons of water and continued into 2021 with the rejuvenation of nearby Lake Dyavasandra, a 30 acre lake, now able to restore 77 million gallons of water. 

Today the lakes are not only helping to recharge groundwater but are serving as a lifeline for local communities and wildlife. Birds like the white throated kingfisher, Indian cormorant and Indian heron along with local fish including the rohu, catla and tilapia are thriving. Community members enjoy the beauty and resources of the lakes as they grow backyard gardens of ragi, flowers, tomato and spinach with the reassurance that there will be enough water. 

In Bengaluru, lakes are crucial to a thriving region both today and in the future. Special thank you to Intel for leading the way in making a lasting difference and to SayTrees, Village Panchayats, and Nanjapura and Dyavasandra residents for all their work in ensuring a vibrant future for water.