Nestled in southern Bengaluru sits Lake Nanjapura, a serene location that once boasted a vibrant lake. Today, Lake Nanjapura sits practically dry and is one of many regional lakes in desperate need of restoration.  Intel Corporation, a global force in sustainable water management, is taking action.

On February 11, 2020, Intel Corporation, in partnership with CLEAN International and Bengaluru-based Say Trees, launched the restoration of Lake Nanjapura. The complete restoration project, taking place over the next 6 months, will include desilting, erosion control, and the planting of over 6,000 trees, including an adjacent Miyawaki Forest. In the end, annual monsoon rains, combined with a rejuvenated lake and new forest, will restore millions of gallons of water back to the environment.

Lake Nanjapura is part of a city-wide effort to restore the lakes of Bengaluru and recharge groundwater in the region. Intel Corporation works globally to restore billions of gallons of water annually with projects that address local water issues and support the well-being of local communities, economy and the environment. To learn more, visit or contact CLEAN International at for ways to be involved.


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