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 Together we are joining forces to protect and provide clean water worldwide.

From polluted waterways to day zero cities, from waterborne illness to no access to toilets, we are changing the face and future of water. Together we can ensure everyone’s access to sustainable clean water today and in the future.

Will you join CLEAN International today to help change the lives of those in need and protect our water resources?

As a member you will be joining a network of thousands worldwide, working together to save lives and save water.

Throughout the year, CLEAN International:

  • helps provide water filters and purification tablets to disaster areas and to those sick from waterborne illness
  • helps build water systems, water tanks and wells to end the daily walk for water
  • engages youth, organizations, individuals, families and corporate teams in an annual Worldwide Walk for Water
  • helps recharge groundwater and plants trees in regions that are water stressed and set to run out of water

Will you join us?

Your recurring donation will help save lives around the world, end the daily walk for water for women and girls, build toilets and hygiene stations, and help keep our waterways clean and flowing around the world. Thank you for making a lasting difference in the lives of others!

How do I join?

Every membership is recurring and you can choose the level of impact you would like to make and whether your donation is once a year or monthly.

  1. Choose your membership amount
  2. Choose whether you would like your donation to be once a year or monthly (you can always make changes to this later!)
  3. Follow us on social media and through our monthly newsletter for stories from those whose lives you are changing.
  4. Increase your impact by inviting others to join you!