A global Volunteering with Purpose initiative.

You’re invited to give Time4Water this March (in honor of World Water Day March 22)! Join the Orbia-wide volunteering initiative which encourages employees to donate their time and raise funds for water access projects!

3 ideas to get you moving:

  • Join your worksite’s volunteering event. Your manager will have more information about site specific activities.
  • Pick up trash to keep waterways clean.
  • Walk 4 miles to promote awareness of the distance millions walk to access water.
  • Write out and share a plan to save water at work and home! For example, taking one minute off your shower can save an average of 900 gallons/3400 liters of water a year!
  • Share statistics about the water crisis, teach local students or the community the ways Orbia helps save and provide water around the world.
  • Wear blue on World Water Day and organize a tree planting, clean up or educational video or webinar on water.

Next steps:

one minute registration, share your pledge of action and help spread the word!

You’re invited to celebrate World Water Day this March. Join thousands worldwide in a global movement for water! For every employee that participates in a Time4Water event, Orbia will donate to organizations working on delivering clean water to underserved communities!

Each work site will have the option to coordinate a one day event and/or offer employees the opportunity to take time in their own communities to help make an impact on the water crisis!

3 ideas to get you moving:

  • Organize a walk.
  • Clean up waterways.
  • Donate or fundraise to help provide clean water.

Next steps:

one minute registration, share your pledge of action and help spread the word!

In sub-Saharan Africa, women and girls spend an estimated 200 million hours — daily — collecting water. It’s a colossal waste of their valuable time! Together, we can help.

Together, we are working to Save Water in Water Scarce regions worldwide.

Together, We Are Working To Save Lives And Provide Clean Accessible Water For All.

Together, we are helping to keep waterways clean.




I pledge to raise awareness about the global climate and WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene) crisis. #wash4all

Jeanne Moseley, New York

I pledge to not take a shower for a month to help save water. #getdirtyforwater

Diego Bautista (13), California

I pledge to host a walk for water at the high school where I teach. #promoteawareness

Mary Wong, California

I pledge to take shorter showers to save water at home. #Conservewater

Kourtney Craig, Oklahoma

I pledge to spread awareness about the water crisis. #2billionpeoplelackwater

Heather Baker, California

I pledge to plant a tree to help conserve water. #treeshelpwater

Ana Elliott, Nevada

I pledge to sponsor a family of 4 so that they have water access, for life. #Only$40

Megan Mead, Philadelphia

My human pledges to host a trash clean up in my community. She says I get to go! #Cleanwaterways

Emmy, California

I pledge to walk 4 miles in honor of women who walk that distance every day for water. #Endthewalkforwater

Ashley Bautista, California