Well Wishes

CLEAN International’s “Well Wishes” program focuses on repairing broken pumps and wells on an international scale in order to end the worldwide walk for water and eradicate waterborne illness.

Did you know that over ⅓ of all water projects completed throughout the world are no longer working?

One easy way to help is to support local communities in fixing these wells. Through CLEAN International, local teams are provided with the knowledge and materials needed to fix broken wells. These new wells then provide communities, schools, hospitals, and churches in need with direct access to clean water (versus walking miles to collect dirty water).

You can make a LASTING difference straight from home by helping to fix broken wells today!

Why Wells?

Global water scarcity leads to the daily walk for water, where community members (commonly women and children) have to walk for hours in order to obtain water for their family. Unfortunately, the water is often ridden with disease and parasitic organisms and the walk prevents millions of people from being able to receive an education or make a living.

One solution is access to clean water from locally dug wells connected to hand pumps. The construction and maintenance of local wells are integral to improving the quality of life worldwide. CLEAN International is on a mission to create lasting change through giving communities the means and resources to fix and maintain wells now and into the future.

Common wells/hand pumps used

What goes into pump/well repairs?

  1. Communities share their request for a new well.
  2. Community members and local teams are trained to repair the wells – giving locals the infrastructure to fix and maintain the wells.
  3. Donors are found and the well is repaired. (A well wish is granted!)
  4. Local community members now have access to clean water and no longer need to walk to collect dirty water.
  5. Continued monitoring and maintenance of all wells.

Program Highlight

Currently, CLEAN International partners with HTSCongo to provide communities, schools and clinics in need with clean water

Moving Forward – Well Wishes and High Hopes

CLEAN International’s partnership with HTSCongo in the Democratic Republic of the Congo takes us village by village across the DRC repairing wells and helping change the lives of those in need who are currently walking for water.

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Help Fix Wells Worldwide